1 in 6 Manitoba government employees sexually harassed in workplace: survey

1 in 6 Manitoba government employees sexually harassed in workplace: survey

Hundreds of provincial employees in Manitoba say they’ve experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

Out of 3,028 surveyed anonymously, 510 provincial government workers, or 17 per cent, said they’ve been victims, with 70 per cent of those indicating they did not formally report the incidents.

Also among those who said they’ve been victimized, 90 per cent said it happened on multiple occasions, and 10 per cent said they’re currently experiencing sexual harassment.

The most frequent types were leering, invading personal space, touching, patting and pinching.

Half of the sexual harassment reports came from the Justice and Families departments.

“The numbers were very heartbreaking,” said Status of Women Minister Rochelle Squires.

The survey, which was open online to employees between May 1 and 31, came as a result of the Pallister Government’s pledge to make the government work environment safer for all staff in the wake of the Stan Struthers scandal.

Several women came forward alleging Struthers, a former NDP ,inister, subjected them to unwanted touching and tickling.

The survey also says half of people who brought forward complaints weren’t satisfied with how their situations were handled.

A separate report includes 25 recommendations on how to make improvements, including in person training, clear definitions of bullying and harassment and timelines for investigations.

Published at Thu, 09 Aug 2018 15:51:00 -0400