Bowman to support motion on Portage and Main referendum

Bowman to support motion on Portage and Main referendum

Mayor Brian Bowman says he will support a motion that recommends a referendum on Portage and Main.

“I will support the motion coming forward to Council tomorrow proposing that a question on the future of Portage and Main be added to the municipal election later this fall,” said the mayor in a news release.

“The debate over whether or not to open the intersection to pedestrian traffic has demanded a lot of attention and while important has taken away from other pressing issues facing our growing city that require more attention and debate.”

The referendum was brought forward by Councillors Jeff Browaty and Janice Lukes in June. They want the question as to whether Winnipeg residents support opening Portage and Main to pedestrians added to the October ballot.

According to Bowman the referendum isn’t binding on the future city council, but he is committed to honouring the results.

“I have always said Portage and Main is more than just an intersection – it’s where Winnipeg has intersected with life – so I certainly respect that Winnipeggers have passionate views on the intersection’s future.” 

Bowman said that right now his priority for the intersection is not opening it to pedestrians, but rather improving the infrastructure by repairing sidewalks and curbs, as well as addressing surface drainage and asbestos abatement.

“Rebuilding our city’s regional and local roads has been my priority over the last four years,” he said.

City council will be voting on the motion on Thursday.

Published at Wed, 18 Jul 2018 11:40:25 -0400