6 Winnipeggers charged in cross-Canada fraud ring

Six Winnipeggers are facing fraud charges after they allegedly stole credit card information, bought expensive items and resold them, police say.

Over the last seven months, the Financial Crimes Unit has been investigating the fraud ring, which involves victims from B.C. to Ontario.

The investigation started in May when a person from Calgary had their credit card compromised and used for purchases traced back to Winnipeg.

A number of similar crimes were reported to Winnipeg police.

Police believe the six people involved in the fraud ring all lived together and would steal IDs and credit card information to buy designer clothes and electronics online. From there, they’d resell the products for a profit.

On July 22, officers executed a search warrant at a home in the Fort Richmond neighbourhood, and seized IDs belonging to multiple victims as well as a large amount of high-end merchandise. Police also found $10,000 in cash hidden in the home’s air vents.

Six people — five men and one woman, all between the ages of 22 and 34 — are facing fraud-related charges.

The Financial Crimes Unit continued to investigate and are laying more fraud-related charges against the six people.

Police are warning the public to guard their ID and credit card information and keep track of purchases.