Brandon University apologizes after report finds soccer coach sexually harassed players

Brandon University is apologizing to students who experienced harassment and sexual violence while taking part in its women’s soccer program, and says it plans to conduct a full review of its sports programs. 

The apology comes after the Winnipeg Free Press reported earlier this week that an external investigation found that soccer coach Jesse Roziere repeatedly abused his position of power over young female athletes, and demonstrated a pattern of sexually harassing behaviour. 

The report confirmed allegations raised by student athletes, says a statement from the university. 

“To our student athletes: We are sorry, unreservedly, for what you endured while participating in our athletics program and since. We are sorry that harm was caused to you,” the statement says. 

“We are also sorry for any of our public statements that have in any way called your integrity into question. To that end, we say unequivocally that we believe our athletes and we will aim to do better.”

The university says it plans to undertake an external review of its entire athletics program that will be conducted by those with experience in university athletics programs, student support, and sexual violence to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.