Construction at Deacon’s Corner to start Tuesday, province says

Motorists on the Trans-Canada Highway east of Winnipeg may have to contend with construction for the next several months.

Reconstruction of the intersection on Highway 1 at Provincial Road 207, otherwise known as Deacon’s Corner, is set to begin on Tuesday, according to a news release from Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure.

Flag-people will manage the intersection, which is just outside Winnipeg in the Rural Municipality of Springfield, during a temporary traffic signal shutdown from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, the release says.

After completion of the brief traffic signal shutdown, temporary traffic control signage will be set up in all directions at the intersection until the fall.

The province is urging drivers to show caution and patience when approaching the intersection, and to make sure they are in accordance with the construction signage.

Businesses and residents of Lorette should think about using Provincial Road 405 to avoid long waits at Deacon’s Corner, the province says.

The construction project will continue until October 2023.

Updated traffic information can be found on the province’s 511 road conditions website.

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