Dogs facing off at dock diving competition in Manitoba this weekend

A little rain Friday night wasn’t enough to deter more than two dozen dogs and their owners from competing in a dock diving competition on Saturday.

“It doesn’t matter to us because if it rains, the dogs are still wet,” said Megan-Rai Ferguson, one of the organizers of the North American Diving Dogs Canadian Regionals in Manitoba this weekend.

The competition, which dogs have to qualify to get into, started on Friday and runs until Sunday at a venue called the Dog Pool Dock on the Bay in St. Andrews.

It sees dogs sprint down a pool deck and launch themselves into a pool of water in pursuit of a toy their owner throws.

WATCH | Dalice Clearwater and pup Tom among dock diving competitors:

Leapin’ Lassies! St. Andrews to host dog diving championships

3 days ago

Dalice Clearwater and her pup Tom will be among the local participants this weekend at the North America Diving Dogs Canadian regionals, where dogs jump off a dock to retrieve toys thrown by their owners. 3:53

The aim is to jump as far as possible. One local dog jumped 32 feet into the water, Ferguson said, but she’s heard about others in the United States going as far as 36 feet.

Twenty-seven dogs are competing in this event’s regionals, she said.

And any type of dog is eligible to compete, since they only face off against those in their own division.

“[It’s] everything right from small little border terriers right up to great big poodles,” Ferguson said.

“The small dogs, the little lap dogs, don’t compete against the big dogs.”

Once the event wraps up on Sunday, the top dogs in each division will leave with ribbons.

A dog jumps off a dock as part of the competition on Saturday. (Travis Golby/CBC)

And even if they don’t win, it’s still a lot of fun, she said.

“The dogs just love it.”