Gas prices breach $2 mark in Winnipeg, making drivers question ‘how most people can survive’

Some of the same forces that began driving up prices months ago are being blamed again as Winnipeggers see the price at the pump breach the $2 per litre mark.

Several gas stations raised their prices in the $2.07 per litre range.

Experts suggest inflation, fuel production shortages and continued sanctions against Russian oil-producers amid the war in Ukraine continue to push up prices on gas and other items.

“I don’t know how most people can survive,” said Chris Williams. “I’m trying to take as few trips as possible.”

Gas prices have increased by about 50 per cent in Canada over the past year. Meanwhile, inflation is growing at a quicker rate than wage growth.

Clare Stephen said she couldn’t believe the price rose above $2.

She put a small amount of gas in her car on Monday rather than filling up. The costs have her minimizing how much she gets behind the wheel.

Clare Stephen put $15.00 worth of gas in her car today rather than filling up because the prices are so steep. (CBC)

“I’ve been trying to drive less, honestly. I’ve been trying to walk places more,” said Stephen. “I do not have a bus pass but that’s something I should probably look into.”

Sam Rahman said $20 of fuel in his vehicle lately doesn’t last him even two days. He may consider busing too.

“I should stop driving,” said Rahman.

Sam Rahman says $20 of gas barely lasts him two days of driving around lately. (CBC)