Have you herd? Bison community grows at Fort Whyte Alive over Mother’s Day weekend

Fort Whyte Alive had a wonderful Mother’s Day surprise with the births of a number of new bison calves.

“Spring time is kind of like our New Years here at Fort Whyte,” said Carolyn Townend, the organization’s brand and communications manager said in an interview on Thursday.

“We’ve got seven or eight new calves in our bison herd.”

The timing of the births couldn’t be better, coming right around Mother’s Day.

“We’re celebrating mothers, but we’re also celebrating a lot of new life here, too.”

These new calves are staying close to their moms for the next little while as they become familiar with their surroundings and gain strength, Fort Whyte Alive said in an Instagram post on Sunday.

With these babies, the bison herd has grown to over 40.

The bison herd has grown to over 40 members with the births of the new calves, Fort Whyte says. (CBC)

The bison calves are among a number of new residents in the nature reserve.

“We’ve got lots of geese nesting, we’ve got some goslings swimming around for the first time, buds on the trees,” Townend said.

She says it’s just what people need as the stress of the pandemic wears on.

“I think people are looking for something safe, something easy, something relaxing to do, and so this is a great way to spend that time.”