Imperial Oil pipeline near Winnipeg restored to full capacity, province says

A pipeline that regularly supplies fuel to the Winnipeg region is now operating at full capacity, the Manitoba government says.

The province announced Thursday in a news release crews have wrapped up work on the Imperial Oil pipeline.

Imperial shut it down in March after inspectors raised concerns about a section of the pipe near St. Adolphe, which is south of Winnipeg. Service was partially restored last month, after one of two fuel lines returned to service.

 The pipeline runs between Gretna, near the U.S. border, and the city. It transports gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

While that work was ongoing, rail and trucks continued to supply the region with fuel. The province said Thursday those delivery services will no longer be required.

“The province engaged in oversight of the repair work to ensure all precautions were taken to protect the environment and worked closely with suppliers and industry partners to maintain the supply of fuel,” the news release said.

The province said the repairs were completed safely and without any impacts to the surrounding environment.