Manitoba Conservative MP Candice Bergen silent on photo showing her wearing MAGA hat

A photo of Conservative MP Candice Bergen wearing a MAGA hat has been circulating online. (Source unknown)

An undated photo circulating on social media Thursday shows Candice Bergen, the Manitoba MP for Portage-Lisgar and deputy Conservative leader, wearing a MAGA hat.

The photo shows Bergen wearing a camouflage baseball cap with outgoing President Donald Trump’s slogan Make America Great Again on it.

To many, the MAGA hat has become a symbol of racism and white supremacy.

CBC News contacted Bergen and the Conservative Party of Canada about the photograph, asking when the photo was taken and for confirmation that the person in the image is, in fact, Bergen.

Neither Bergen nor the Conservative Party answered those questions.

Bergen did respond with the following statement:

“I strongly condemn the violence incited by outgoing President Trump yesterday in and around the Capitol Building.  There is no place for such actions in a peaceful democracy.

“Conservatives are calling on President Trump and his supporters to respect the will of the American people and allow for a peaceful transition of power.”

After the statement was issued, CBC News asked if this statement means that Bergen is not denying that this is a photograph of her.

CBC has not received a response.