Organization feeds low-income Winnipeggers on Good Friday

For the second year in a row, the organization 1JustCity is handing out free lunches for Winnipeg’s most vulnerable on Good Friday. 

By late Friday afternoon, 150 hot meals, along with buns, easter eggs and hot coffee, were given to those who stopped by the Crossways in Common church at 222 Furby St.

Lynda Trono, community minister of West Broadway Community Ministry, said she hopes people who dropped by feel some sense of relief when they get lunch. 

“When things are closed on a weekend, it’s just another blow. It’s a really unfair world when you don’t have enough money to live on,” she said. 

Snacks and treats are put into paper bags by volunteers. Winnipeggers who wanted lunch dropped by a window at the Crossways in Common church located at 222 Furby St. (Peggy Lam/CBC)

Trono said 1JustCity hands out meals daily on regular weekdays. But since the pandemic started, they decided to do the same on holidays too. 

She said there’s been an increase of people who line up for meals. 

Prior to the pandemic, they’d hand out around 80 to 100 meals a day. But since last April, it’s been around 100 to 150 each day, she said. 

“It’s just an ongoing struggle,” Trono said. “I feel like we’re putting bandages on wounds that won’t stop bleeding.” 

Lynda Trono said the hot meals were donated by a local restaurant, who preferred to remain anonymous. (Peggy Lam/CBC)

Trono said the pandemic has really heightened food insecurity and financial crises for low-income Manitobans — and the meals they provide can only go so far. 

She’d like to see the province provide a guaranteed stipend for low-income residents. 

“We’re not making it better, we’re providing something to eat for one day,” Trono said. 

1JustCity will also be handing out lunches on Easter Sunday at St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry, at 365 McGee St.

Lara Rae and Lynda Trono stand on West Broadway with a tray of hot buns to hand out. (Peggy Lam/CBC)