Owners of Winnipeg convenience store assaulted, 1 seriously, after confronting thieves

The couple that owns a convenience store in downtown Winnipeg were assaulted and one was left with swelling in his brain after trying to stop a group of people from stealing, their son said.

“My dad was trying to stop some shoplifting in the store because it’s become an issue and he just got jumped by a bunch of guys and girls outside the store,” said Jonathan Lim, who rushed to Winnipeg from his home in Vancouver upon hearing of the assault on Saturday.

Just after 8:30 p.m. that day, police were called for a report of an assaulted man who was lying unconscious on the ground on Donald Street, between Assiniboine Avenue and Broadway, police said in a news release on Wednesday.

Two off-duty doctors were treating the man when police arrived, and he was subsequently transported to hospital in stable condition.

Lim confirmed that’s his father, who’s in his 60s, and has run the business for 20 years.

His father, who Lim asked not be named, is struggling with memory loss and swelling in his brain after suffering a head injury, but is expected to recover.

“I’m super pissed off about it, but I mean, they’re about to retire, so I’m also kind of relieved, but I just feel bad for the next person it happens to. There’s gotta be some change in the city,” Lim said while covering for his parents behind the till.

“I’ve just been noticing, every year I come back it’s getting worse and worse … I don’t think it’s safe to run the business anymore.”

He asked that the name of the store be withheld. 

Police said both owners were assaulted before the thieves ran away, but Lim says his mother isn’t hurt.

On Tuesday evening, two suspects, a 51-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman, were seen near to the scene of the original assault, in the 100 block of Mayfair Place and arrested.

They were charged with robbery and aggravated assault, and released with conditions, as mandated by the Criminal Code.

Lim wants to see more police presence downtown to deter would-be thieves.

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