Saskatchewan plans to take in some Manitoba ICU patients

Saskatchewan will take over the care of one intensive-care patient from Manitoba, with more to potentially follow in the next few days, health officials said Tuesday.

Manitoba’s hospitals are under extreme pressure as COVID-19 cases surge in that province’s third-wave.

“If we were in the situation Manitoba was in, we would be reaching out too for that type of support,” said Scott Livingstone, the CEO of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, during a COVID-19 news conference Tuesday. 

Livingstone said the first Manitoba patient is expected to arrive on Wednesday. That patient will likely be sent to a hospital outside Saskatoon or Regina.

“Then the plan is, for the next [few] days, to look at if we have the ability to support and transfer basically a patient a day,” Livingstone said, adding that an initial upper limit of five patients has been agreed upon.

Livingstone said there is currently room within Saskatchewan’s overall hospital system to take in the Manitoba patients. 

“We’re fortunate, at the moment, with lower hospitalizations than what we have had,” echoed Premier Scott Moe.

As of Tuesday, there were 136 infected Saskatchewan residents in hospital, including 32 under intensive care.

One week ago, on May 18, there were 142 people in hospital, including 27 in ICU.

One month ago, on April 25, there were 186 people in hospital, including 49 in ICU.

More provincial data on hospitalizations can be found here.

Manitoba is working on getting families’ consent for transfers, Livingstone added.