Snake in custody after 2 days on the slither: Winnipeg police

A large white snake that has been on the loose in Winnipeg for the last two days has been found not far from where it was first spotted, Winnipeg police say.

Just before 3 p.m. this afternoon, police were called to the corner of Pembina Highway and Lilac Street where they found the serpent who had been slithering through the Fort Rouge neighbourhood. It was last spotted in the area on Saturday.

Garry Espiritu, the manager of Fitness Experience, confirms a customer of his spotted the snake as she was leaving on Monday afternoon.

“The customer was moving out of the store, she opened the door and she screamed. And then I check it out because why was she screaming and then I saw there’s a snake by the door, like she almost step on it,” he said.

Espiritu said he saw a story on the news about the snake and knew it wasn’t dangerous and that he had to call 911.

Members of the City of Winnipeg’s Animal Services Agency searched the Ebby Avenue area for a large white snake but came up empty on Saturday. (Submitted by Breno Martins)

“I’m from the Philippines and there’s a lot of snakes there, but it’s been 10 years since the last time I’ve seen a snake,” he said.

Mere moments later, police arrived and put it in a box to hand over to the City of Winnipeg’s Animal Services Agency.

Police say they only received two tips about the snake being spotted — the original tip where a man saw it while mowing his lawn on Ebby Avenue, very close by, and this tip that resulted in its capture.