VIDEO: Winnipeg wildlife rehab seeks parents to take orphaned goslings under their wing

If you’ve recently seen an adult goose with an unusually large brood of goslings, the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre wants to hear from you.

Amid its annual spring influx of orphaned baby geese, the Winnipeg-based animal welfare non-profit has been looking for “supermoms” to take the goslings under their wings.

According to the centre’s founder and president Lisa Tretiak, “supermoms” — and dads — are adult geese that have a penchant for large families. They naturally adopt other goslings and sometimes form large nurseries where a few adults care for as many as 60 or more.

Tretiak is asking for anyone who has recently seen a family with 10 or more goslings to send photos, along with their location and the time of day they were last spotted, to the centre.