Winnipeg deli serves up baba-style foods just in time for Ukrainian Christmas

The same way people were discouraged from gathering in December to celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, those who follow the Julian calendar are being instructed not to gather with friends and family later this week to observe Svyatvecher, more commonly known as Ukrainian Christmas.

Still, if you are planning to sit down with your bubble-mates for a traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve meal this Wednesday and are in a pinch for perogies, Sevala’s Ukrainian Deli at 126 Victoria Ave. W. has that covered.

“Ukrainian Christmas isn’t as big in Winnipeg as it once was, which is kind of sad, but what we’ve been trying to do the last several years is take some of the less commonly seen Ukrainian dishes and make them available for customers who still celebrate (Ukrainian Christmas),” says Del Demchuk, whose late mother, Sylvia Beck, founded Sevala’s — which, despite the deli part of its tag, has always been takeout only — out of a two-car garage in Transcona 35 years ago.

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