Winnipeg mayor wants more projects like highrise next to rapid transit station

Winnipeg’s mayor says a new apartment building under construction in Fort Rouge is exactly what the city needs.

Scott Gillingham and other council members attended a sod turning event for 25 Station Place.

The plans call for 156 units, metres away from the Jubilee rapid transit station.

Gillingham says he wants to see more developments like it around transit corridors.

“It’s right next to the major transit line, it’s multi-family, it’s within an established community,” Gillingham told reporters.

“It’s these types of infill projects and the densification that we really need to be building and we’re focused on as a council.”

The project is being built by Winnipeg-based Carrington Real Estate. It will also feature 3,000 feet of commercial space, and geothermal heating.

The developer says it’s the first of four multi-family projects they plan to build near transit corridors across the city over the next three years. They plan to build a second tower next to 25 Station Place, with construction expected to start next year.

“I think the transit network really starts to change the way that we construct our buildings, from parking ratios to just the density of the actual building,” said Jared Carrington.

The city has made building multi-family projects next to transit corridors a priority, spurred in part by millions of dollars from the federal Housing Accelerator Fund…

Property committee chair Sherri Rollins says the project adds much-needed housing to her ward.

“Baby boomers who say I can’t shovel that driveway one more time, young people living with their parents saying, ‘Coun. Rollins I’ve got to move out and that building on Pembina [Highway] is full.’ Well, welcome to 25 Station Place,” she said.

The building is slated to be completed in 2026.