20 Winnipeg schools to receive bike cages as part of new partnership

More than 20 Winnipeg schools are set to receive new bike racks and cages, thanks to a partnership between the Green Action Centre and the City.The project was created in response to the statistic that bike thefts in Winnipeg increased by 82 per cent between 2012 and 2017 – a number that likely deters students from biking to school and discourages parents, said the GAC.READ MORE: Winnipeg EPC set to pass bike registration
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“Having secure bike parking is a simple way to make biking an easier choice for students and their families,” said GAC’s Sean Carlson.“Many schools either have poorly-designed racks that make it difficult to properly secure a bike, or they don’t have bike parking at all.”The program is also working to increase the number of Winnipeg students using active transportation to get to and from school, with the goal of reversing the trend of five-to-17-year-olds living increasingly sedentary lifestyles.Individual schools can apply for their chance to receive a bike rack by April 26 at the Green Action Centre website.WATCH: Winnipeg launches bike-sharing program aimed at tourists, downtown workers