6 more Winnipeg building inspectors fired during city investigation

The city has fired more building inspectors as it continues its investigation into allegations employees were slacking off while on the job.Global News has learned six more inspectors have been fired as the city continues to do a deep dive into employee’s work days.READ MORE: City to pay $18K for hidden camera footage of workers allegedly slacking off
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The internal investigation into the city’s Planning, Property and Development (PPD) department stemmed from a private investigation that caught several employees on camera making personal shopping trips, running errands and taking extended lunch breaks during work time.An anonymous group of Winnipeg residents and business owners spent $18,000 and hired a private investigator to track the department’s employees, after years of complaints about long wait times for permits and inspections.In previous weeks, three city building inspectors had left amid the investigation and three more were suspended without pay indefinitely.The latest firings bring the total to 12.RELATED VIDEO: City investigating after ‘concerning’ hidden camera investigation of Winnipeg employees wasting time