8 fired, 7 suspended at City of Winnipeg after internal probe into ‘slacking’

More heads are rolling at City Hall as a result of a probe into city building inspectors’ work habits.City of Winnipeg CAO (CHECK) Mike Ruta said Wednesday that eight people total were fired and seven were suspended after an internal review.These are the total numbers of employees reprimanded throughout the investigation— Brittany Greenslade (@BrittAtGlobal) September 11, 2019
The internal investigation into the city’s Planning, Property and Development (PPD) department stemmed from a private investigation that caught several employees on camera making personal shopping trips, running errands and taking extended lunch breaks during work time.The probe led to more than a dozen firings prior to Wednesday’s news following the probe’s final report, which was presented to city council’s Executive Policy Committee.READ MORE: Firings at City Hall, 6 Winnipeg building inspectors dismissed during investigationThe story broke when hidden-camera footage of civic employees slacking off on the job – doing everything from extended smoke breaks to taking two hours off to hang out at a Tim Hortons – was made public in April.An anonymous group of concerned Winnipeggers – small contractors, homeowners, and people who have been frustrated by the inspection process – sold the footage to the city for a reported $18,000.WATCH: City investigating after ‘concerning’ hidden camera investigation of Winnipeg employees wasting time