City adds another street to list of open street routes designated for active transportation

City adds another street to list of open street routes designated for active transportation

Released: 10:33 a.m.

Winnipeg, MB – In an effort to assist with social distancing requirements and provide additional recreational opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the City has added Vialoux Drive to the list of open street routes designated for active transportation.

The following nine streets in Winnipeg are currently designated as open street routes, effective until Monday, September 7, 2020:

  • Lyndale Drive – Cromwell Street to Gauvin Street
  • Scotia Street – Anderson Avenue (at St. Cross Street) to Armstrong Avenue
  • Wellington Crescent – Academy Road (at Wellington Crescent) to Guelph Street
  • Wolseley Avenue – Raglan Road to Maryland Street
  • Churchill Drive – Hay Street to Jubilee Avenue
  • Egerton Road – Bank Avenue to Morier Avenue
  • Kildonan Drive – Helmsdale Avenue to Rossmere Crescent & Larchdale Crescent to Irving Place
  • Kilkenny Drive – Burgess Avenue to Patricia Avenue and Kings Drive
  • Rover Avenue – Hallet Street to Stephens Street

Winnipeggers are now invited to take advantage of the following additional designated route:

  • Vialoux Drive between Alcrest Drive and Wexford Street

For more information on these designated routes, see

These open street routes limit motor vehicle traffic to one block throughout the designated area. The routes will be in place daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The City will re-evaluate these open street routes prior to the end of the effective date to determine if the designations need to be extended.

Signs are posted on all approach roadways as notification that motorists are entering an active transportation route. Signs are also posted at the end of the routes advising motorists that they are leaving the active transportation route.

It is important to note that these roads are not closed to motor vehicles. Cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists are reminded to use caution and share the roadway while following traffic rules.