Increased accountability key to solving slacking workers problem: lawyer

A lawyer representing a group of anonymous Winnipeggers who hired a private investigator to look into building inspectors said it’s time to move the investigation up the management ladder.John Prystanski, a former city councillor, told Global News the investigaton’s next step is to find out how much the employees’ immediate supervisors knew about them allegedly slacking off.Increased accountability, he said, will help Winnipeggers have faith in city staff.Story continues below

“There has to be accountability. Ever since I’ve been around, we always had concerns – are our civic employees performing accordingly? More and better quality of supervision will ultimately lead to more confidence with the citizens of Winnipeg and the administration,” he said.“The one caution I would bring forward at this time is we cannot see increased accountability being blamed for a lack of productivity.”READ MORE: Head of probe into ‘slacking’ inspector resigns from Winnipeg public serviceView link »