Section of Garbage Hill closed due to exposed waste

A section of Winnipeg’s Westview Park – better known as Garbage Hill – will be closed for landfill cap repair as of Monday.As its popular nickname suggests, the park exists on top of a a closed landfill, which accepted ash and glass materials from the city’s garbage incinerator from 1875 to 1948.The steep hill on the park’s south side, frequently used by joggers looking for a challenging workout, has worn down over time, leaving some waste exposed.READ MORE: ‘Long live Garbage Hill’: Mayor Bowman wants to see sign returnThe city attempted to repair this section of the park last fall, but adverse weather conditions meant they weren’t able to complete the repairs, which include covering it with compost and planting native grass and wildflowers.Barriers will be placed around the area for at least a year to allow the grass and flowers to fully establish.WATCH: Garbage Hill sign taken down