True North issues ‘tow-away notice’ on legally parked car

A Winnipeg man is searching for answers after finding a tow-away notice on his vehicle, which was not issued by the city, but instead by True North Sports and Entertainment (TNSE).Harmeet Sidhu typically parks his downtown on Carlton Street for his overnight work shifts, unless street signs tell him otherwise.There was a no parking sign on the curb near Bell MTS Place for Sunday night, so when Sidhu parked his car Monday night he thought he was in the clear.Story continues below

“I got a call from security around 4 a.m. that somebody is giving tickets to the cars outside,” Sidhu told Global News.READ MORE: Winnipeg woman on the hook for parking ticket issued to her stolen carHe went outside with some colleagues where he discovered a “tow away notice” on his windshield issued by TNSE.“We were thinking these are bogus tickets. These are just there to scare people so that they don’t park on the street,” he said.The City of Winnipeg said no one else other than its own officers can enforce public street parking.READ MORE: Towed and ticked off: Winnipeg driver demands answers after downtown parking ticketTNSE blamed the incident on a security guard trying to clear the streets for an upcoming event.“True North does not issue tickets nor tow vehicles,” a spokesperson told Global News via email, despite the fact the tickets appear to be pre-printed, and the ticket is titled “tow-away notice.”The incident was enough for Sidhu to consider parking underground.“It’s very scary that anyone can put a parking ticket on your car and get your car towed.”Get daily local headlines and alerts