Winnipeg city council votes to spent gas tax money on roads, active transportation

Winnipeg’s city council voted to spend an estimated $40 million in federal gas tax funding on roads, active transportation and road safety Thursday.Half of the money will be spent this year, and the other half will be reserved for the 2020 budget, said Mayor Brian Bowman.“What we’ve done for this year is earmarked $22.5 million for local roads, about $750,000 for active transportation, and $2.5 million for road safety projects,” he said.Story continues below

READ MORE: Winnipeg should spend federal gas tax money on local roads: Mayor Brian BowmanIn March, the city was facing a $40 million gap in Winnipeg’s road budget in what they called a “funding shortfall” from the province.Now, the city can make up some of this loss with the new “one-time doubling” of gas tax monies from the federal government, said Bowman.Out of 56 streets and 11 back alleys slated to be renewed this year, about half will be fixed using the gas tax monies, said Bowman. He did not confirm which roads will be repaired.A map of all the roads that were slated to be repaired in 2019: