420: Winnipeggers mark marijuana’s high holiday, call for law reforms

Dozens of people lit up outside the Manitoba Legislative Building Saturday to mark 420, a highly celebrated day in cannabis culture.

“It’s really great to be able to celebrate 420 since cannabis legalization,” said cannabis advocate Steven Stairs. “We could stand on here and we can smoke, not fearing reprisal for justice or the fear of arrest, but we could stand on here smoke cannabis and still convey the message that things still need to change.”

Despite the legalization of cannabis in 2018, Stairs said there’s still work that needs to be done when it comes to law reforms.

“Everything from creating cannabis consumption space legislation, so that way, people consume cannabis just the way they consume alcohol,” Stairs said.

He added that he hopes the new provincial government will “level the playing field” for medical cannabis patients, which includes allowing its use in provincial parks and growing the product at home.

At this point, non-medical cannabis use in provincial parks is prohibited, while medical use is allowed, with restrictions.

There is also a ban on growing cannabis, medical or not, at home.

Stairs said by introducing these law reforms, the province could bring in more tourists.

“if we can do those things, then the cannabis industry will be successful across the board, whether or not you’re a producer, a retailer or even just a consumer,” Stairs said.

“It’s going to be great.”

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