‘A great way to keep things out of the landfill’: Winnipeg’s first giveaway weekend of 2023

One Winnipegger’s trash is another’s treasure, as the city held its first curbside giveaway weekend of the year.

Across the city, residents were encouraged to put their unwanted, reusable household items on the front curb with a sign saying “free” for anyone to take.

“It’s awesome to have this giveaway weekend, where people can go out and find things that they want,”  said Colleen Ans, Living Green, Living Well coordinator for the Green Action Centre (GAC).

“Giving away and donating things in general is a great way to keep things out of the landfill.”

Boxes of clothes, furniture, pet accessories, and pieces of art were among the items being given away on Winnipeg curbsides over the weekend. Ans said giveaway weekends also eliminate cost barriers for low-income households.

“By getting something from these giveaway weekends instead of buying it brand new you are also taking out all of the natural resources that need to be taken up in order to make that product,” she added.

Ans said the giveaway movement is about using products that are already made, instead of creating more of them. “It’s really just shifting the focus (away) from consumerism and putting it back into the community, and using what we have, and making what we have last longer,” she said.

Winnipeg has two giveaway weekends per year. The next one will take place Sept. 16-17, 2023.

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