Air horn used to scare away coyote trailing elderly man and dog: police

Winnipeg police said a group of coyotes was found in the Kildonan Park Golf Course after officers spotted what looked like a large one following an elderly man with a dog.

It happened Saturday at around 10:30 p.m., police said, when a district supervisor was on patrol in the Rivergrove area.

Police said the large coyote was on a sidewalk on River Grove Drive at Saul Miller Drive, following in the path of the man and his small dog. Officers used their vehicle’s air horn to scare him off toward the river area.

The police helicopter arrived in the area and found a group of the animals in the golf course, and said it notified provincial wildlife authorities.

In light of recent coyote sightings in northwest Winnipeg, police advise dog owners to keep pets on a leash and pick small dogs up off the ground if even confronted by a coyote.

If no one is in danger, aggressive wildlife in the city can be reported to police at 204-986-6222, police said, adding people can call 911 if they are in immediate risk.

Police also ask people to report aggressive coyote behaviour to the Wildlife Branch of Sustainable Development at 204-945-5221.