An anniversary gift to Folklorama: Attendance numbers up for festival’s 50th

Organizers of the 50th anniversary edition of Winnipeg’s renowned Folklorama cultural festival released some happy news along with fresh attendance numbers Monday.

A news release from the festival said visitors made a total of 455,464 pavilion visits in 2019, up by more than ten thousand from the 2018 total of 445,000.

The release said many of the 45 pavilions involved this year experienced sold out shows and exceeded expectations for attendance. 

“Of course we are thrilled with the number of people we attract from far and wide, and that we continue to be a tourism anchor for the province, however our Festival is about so much more,” says Teresa Cotroneo, Folklorama’s executive director. 

“I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t have a Folklorama story.

“Whether they found the love of their life at a pavilion or felt pride and safety in reconnecting with their cultural roots, Folklorama’s impact, its imprint on the fabric of so many lives, goes much deeper than the two weeks in August,” Cotroneo said.