Blaikie-Toet battle back on in Elmwood-Transcona, new Liberal candidate enters race

Canadians go to the polls Oct. 21 and in Manitoba one of the races to watch in the federal election is Elmwood-Transcona.

In 2015, the NDP’s Daniel Blaikie took the seat from the Conservative Party’s Lawrence Toet by just 61 votes.

Saturday, surrounded by supporters Blaikie launched his campaign.

“We know we have a real fight on our hands, we are counting on everyone who doesn’t want to see a conservative-style government to come out and vote here and have a local champion in Ottawa, and certainly when you know you’re in a tight race, getting out is the only way,” Blaikie said.

In the last four years, Blaikie said he’s most proud of being a voice for climate change, fighting for pensioners and speaking up about health care.

Toet hopes to win back the riding,

“Response has been quite positive actually. Canadians are ready for a change in government at this point it seems,” he said while out door knocking.

Since the last election, Tote has been working as an entrepreneur with a tech start-up company. He said he’s back in the race because people asked him to run.

“The strategy is hard work. That’s essentially what it takes, and getting your message to the people, making sure they understand what your priorities are and how they align with their priorities, and getting to doors,” he said.

Toet said the big issue is affordability and he wants to help put more money in peoples’ pockets.

Jennifer Malabar is the Liberal candidate and grew up in northeast Winnipeg. She recently moved back to the riding after working for 15 years as a crown attorney in Ontario.

As a mom with two children, Malabar wants to do everything she can to preserve the planet, and said there are good reasons Elmwood-Transcona can turn red.

“I know that I can win the riding. I know that I can win it so long people know they have a strong liberal candidate. I have been knocking on doors all summer, and I have heard from hundreds of people saying that they have been voting for the NDP because they didn’t think the Liberals were an option,” said Malabar from her campaign office Saturday.

In 2015, the Liberals took 29.5 per cent of the vote, the NDP 34.1 per cent, and the Conservative Party 34 per cent.

Kelly Manweiler is the Green Party Candidate in Elmwood—Transcona. CTV News reached out for a statement Saturday, but the candidate has not yet provided one to CTV News.