Cancellation of some home care services ‘inevitable’ due to COVID-19 staff shortages: WRHA

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority says cancellations of some home care services are ‘inevitable’ due to staff shortages caused by COVID-19 cases.

In a release on Thursday afternoon, the regional health authority said community health services, particularly home care services, are being affected due to staff shortages.

“Staffing shortages due to illness/isolation requirements are currently a reality across all areas of the health-care system,” the release reads.

“Every effort will be made to maintain visits where possible; however, given the current volume of staff illnesses/absences, some cancellations will be inevitable.”

The health authority said clients who have visits postponed or cancelled will be contacted by phone about the change. It said depending on the service, some visits may be delayed, rescheduled, or cancelled.

“We encourage families and loved ones of home care clients to assist with care, where and if possible, to ensure basic needs are met,” the release said.

This comes as the City of Winnipeg announced COVID-19 is taking a hit on its staffing levels as well.

On Thursday, city officials reported 351 active cases of COVID-19 within the city workforce, including 76 cases within Winnipeg Transit and 85 cases within the WFPS.

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The Winnipeg Police Service has also declared a state of emergency due to the number of cases among members. As of Wednesday, the service said there were 90 active COVID-19 cases and 170 employees have booked sick time for leave related to COVID-19.

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