Cell phones, tobacco and THC concentrates seized in Stony Mountain exercise yard

WINNIPEG — The Correctional Service of Canada said two packages of contraband it estimates carries a worth of $800,000 behind bars were seized by staff at Stony Mountain Institution.

The service said the items — which included cell phones and accessories, tools, tobacco and THC concentrates — were located in the prison yard of the prison’s maximum security unit.

Police are aware, and the prison is investigating.

The service said it’s taking extra steps to stop the flow of drugs and banned items into prisons, and that it partners with police who deal with those attempting to smuggle items in.

It said a tip line is up and running for anyone who wants to pass on information about security at federal prisons, including tips regarding drug use or trafficking that could put visitors, inmates or staff at risk.

“The toll-free number, 1 866 780 3784, helps ensure that the information shared is protected and that callers remain anonymous,” said a news release from the Correctional Service of Canada.