City has identified 123 properties at risk of flooding

The City of Winnipeg said on Friday it has identified 123 properties that are at risk of river flooding and could require dikes.

In each of these cases, the city will give the property owners hand-delivered notices and will survey the area to find a location for the dikes. If a property owner doesn’t receive notice from the city, but thinks there’s a threat of flooding, they are asked to contact 311.

On Wednesday, the province said that if weather is favourable it’s expected that the Red River will reach flood levels slightly below 2009, but if weather is unfavourable, and with the use of the floodway, the water levels at the James Avenue gauge could reach 20.5 feet.

As of Friday morning, the water level at this gauge sits at 0.74 feet

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The city has been working for weeks to prepare for potential flooding, and will continue to worth with province to determine whether other properties need to be protected against flooding. 

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