City of Winnipeg reveals how many workers will undergo regular COVID-19 testing


Under the City of Winnipeg’s vaccine mandate, fewer than 350 unvaccinated workers will be subject to regular COVID-19 beginning next week.

In September, the city announced that its front-line employees would be required to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by Nov. 15. Of the 10,400 city workers, the city identified about 5,500 front-line positions that would require vaccination due to contact with vulnerable people.

On Wednesday, the city announced that 94 per cent of the employees, who require immunization, are vaccinated.

As for the rest of the frontline staff, which comes to fewer than 350 workers, they will be subject to regular COVID-19 testing before coming to work.

The City of Winnipeg is hoping that the number of unvaccinated staff members continues to decline as more employees undertake the mandatory vaccine education requirement.

The city does not expect any negative impacts to its services or programs as a result of the vaccine mandate.


Beginning on Monday, every person entering the City Hall Council Building will have to provide proof of vaccination and photo ID. This requirement includes elected officials, city employees and all visitors.

The city’s CAO is permitted to make exemptions to this requirement for essential operational, safety and maintenance purposes. However, alternate protective measures will need to be in place.

Council has also extended the option for virtual delegations at meetings of council and committees of council until the end of 2022. In-person delegates who are fully vaccinated will be accepted.

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