City orders homeowners to put property numbers on display in back lanes

Some residents in the city’s St. John’s neighbourhood got a letter in the mail this week reminding them to put their property number on display on the back of their home or garage.

The letter contains a compliance order from the city’s community services department to residents telling them to install the number so it’s clearly visible from the back lane.

Under the city’s neighbourhood liveability bylaw, any property located along a back lane must have the property number on display.

The city says it’s so police, firefighters and paramedics can identify homes from the back lane.

Enzo Tropea said he’s been living in the neighbourhood for the past 11 years without a property number visible in the back lane.

He said he was surprised when he got the letter, dated Dec. 18, from the city warning him he’s in contravention of a bylaw.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” said Tropea. “In a way it’s handy if the ambulance comes by they know where to go, or fire truck or something happens, they know where to go.”

Tropea picked up a set of numbers at a home improvement store and fastened them on with screws to his garage.

“Just takes a little muscle, I guess,” said Tropea. “It’s a bit annoying but what are you going to do.”

Financially, he said the numbers set him back around $30.

The bylaw states:

“83(3) Where a property is adjacent to a back lane, the number assigned to the building must be attached to the building or to a fence or accessory structure so as to be clearly visible from the back lane”