Emergency alert system to be tested again in Manitoba

The province said a second test of the Alert Ready emergency alerting system will take place in Manitoba on Nov. 28 at 1:55 p.m., but not everyone should expect to receive it.

The system sends out alerts to compatible wireless devices, as well as through cable and satellite TV, radio and web feeds.

In the system’s previous test in May, only 60 per cent of wireless users received an alert. When an amber alert went out over the system in September, similar numbers were reported, with around 60 per cent of users connected to an LTE network receiving the notice.

The province said an LTE connection, cell tower coverage, individual device software and settings all factor into why a user may or may not receive the alert.

It also said right now the CRTC requires 50 per cent of devices being sold in Canada be compatible with Alert Ready, but as of April 2019 compatibility will be a requirement in all devices for sale, meaning the coverage rate should increase over time.

The province suggests people check if their device is compatible on their wireless provider’s website and encourages anyone with feedback after the test to share it online on the Manitoba EMO website.