Extreme cold warnings in effect for Manitoba

WINNIPEG — Extreme cold warnings are in effect for all of Manitoba Sunday morning as temperatures, combined with winds, push wind chill values below -40 degrees, potentially eclipsing the -50 mark overnight and into Monday in some parts of southern Manitoba.

The cold comes from an arctic ridge of high pressure, which has resulted in a very cold air mass settling over southern Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba, according to Environment Canada.

It’s expected the cold temperatures will remain will over the prairies for much of next week.

The provincial hot spot, as of 10:30 Sunday morning according to environment Canada, was -28.1 degrees in Emerson.

Environment Canada warns the extreme cold puts everyone at risk, but are greater for young children, seniors, people with chronic illnesses, those working outside or with nowhere to go.

If you must go outside, they suggest dressing in layers.

Environment Canada also said if it’s too cold for you to go outside, it’s also too cold for your pet.

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