Feed mill responsible for 14,000 hogs burns to ground

A ninety-foot-tall feed mill in Woodland Colony, responsible for producing food for 14,000 hogs, burned to the ground Monday morning.

Farm owner Jack Hover said smoke was seen coming from the mill just before 9 a.m.

It eventually collapsed.

Firefighters from the RM of Woodlands were called to the scene. An official said they were assisted by firefighters from the RMs of Rosser and St. François Xavier, in addition to people from other colonies with water trucks

Hover said he hopes to rebuild a temporary feed mill within three to four months.

He said feed companies in Winnipeg and Portage will help supply food for the animals for the time being.

No one was injured.

A fire official said the fire started inside the mill, but no cause had been determined Thursday night.

No damage estimate was available.