Fire caused by candle placed near combustibles: city

The City of Winnipeg said a fire on Chesterfield Avenue was accidentally caused by a candle placed near combustibles.

Firefighters arrived at the scene at 6:30 p.m. in a townhouse suite in the 0 to 100 block of Chesterfield Avenue.

Crews reported that most of the fire had already been extinguished upon arrival.

One person who was in the suite during the fire was sent to the hospital in unstable condition. 

WFPS reminds people to never leave their lit candles unattended. 

The city advises that candles should always be kept away from any flammable materials, decorations, curtains or other combustible materials. 

A news release says, people should use an approved non-combustible candleholder or base, and place the candleholder on a stable, non-slip surface.