Former Manitoba PC MLA alleges she was groped, demoted

A former PC cabinet minister said she was sexually assaulted by a former MLA, and demoted after the alleged incident.

On International Women’s Day last Friday, Sarah Guillemard detailed the aftermath on social media. She said in March 2017, she was groped by a former MLA she described as “older.”

She was outraged and angry but realized she had little power to do anything as this was prior to the Me Too movement.

Guillemard wrote she spent a year avoiding the individual, even bowing out of events.

Eventually, she did tell people, and sought a remedy through the legislative assembly and her own party.

Guillemard said the individual agreed to restrictions at her workplace.

But one day she said she was approached by two colleagues, a man and a woman, who told her not to attend an event where the individual was receiving recognition.

She said she refused, and Guillemard noted not long after, she alleged some duties and responsibilities were taken away, and she was asked repeatedly not to speak out about it.

She said she stayed quiet but then shared her experience with female staff after another woman experienced the same thing.

“I felt sick to my stomach.” Guillemard wrote, “I also realized that being silent was not about protecting my reputation, but rather the protection of the perpetrator.”

Interim PC leader Wayne Ewasko was not available for an interview Monday.

A statement from the Tories said the PC caucus is committed to a safe and respectful workplace and that Ewasko reached out to Guillemard last week and offered his unconditional support.

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