Gas prices down in Manitoba, but will it stick? This expert weighs in

There was some relief at the pumps for Manitoba motorists to close out the work week, but will it stick?

In Winnipeg, the cost of fuel dipped to $1.90 per litre on Friday, with prices across Canada dropping as well.

Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, said this is probably as good as it gets in terms of gas prices for the time being.

He said though prices of fuel on the market continue to drop, prices at the pump are not changing much.

“I think in many respects, this sort of sticky pricing among gas retailers is something that is going to become a growing concern for motorists in western Canada,” he said,

Watch the full interview with Dan McTeague to hear what he says is behind the gas dip and if Manitobans can expect it to continue. 

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