Guest at Halloween event sent to hospital after scare featuring locked neck chain

CTV News has learned a guest was sent to hospital after a scare at Fear’s secret Winnipeg location in the ‘Saw Escape Room’ featuring a locked neck chain on Friday night.

A friend with the guest tells CTV News they had been drinking, the person who was chained was gasping for air before going unconscious.

The City of Winnipeg said it has no by-laws regarding this type of event.

The province said this type of business does not require an inspection by the province.

Fear’s executive director Jay Hall said people attend Halloween events for the mystery and surprise.

“We make people sign the waiver because we want them to understand what they are getting into,” he said.

Hall said while the guests have a covering over their eyes, there are chains with three different sizes for different body types.

“They don’t even realize there are tests being done,” said Hall.

“Three finger rule in the front. Three finger rule in the back and can be stretch out and in the vast majority of cases can it go over your head but we need to make sure it can be popped off,” said Hall.

Fear said it takes the safety of its guests seriously and has 14 zone managers trained in health, safety and first aid. On any given event night it said there are between 70 to 100 staff on site.

Hall said guests have a choice about being chained around their neck, and can opt for an ankle chain, being handcuffed or no chains at all.

Hall said Fear is a licensed venue and he encourages guests to drink responsibly.

Fear said since the incident Friday, it’s made some changes.

It has two ‘game runners’ on the floor with guests instead of one.

Back up keys for locks on chains which were in kept in a safe, are now with the person on the floor.