Health-care workers at Ten Ten Sinclair accept new deal, strike ends

A strike at a facility for people with disabilities is now officially over.

Workers at Ten Ten Sinclair, a non-profit program which oversees 100 clients at seven facilities, voted 97 per cent to accept a new six-year deal.

“Front-line health-care support workers at Ten Ten Sinclair stood up and demanded fair wage increases and won,” said Gina McKay, President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Manitoba, in a news release.

Staff have been without a new contract for four years.

The strike started on March 6. when 160 unionized workers walked off the job.

According to CUPE, the top rate for a health-care aide will increase by $4.48 – from $18.06 per-hour to $22.54, and all health-care workers will receive a minimum cumulative wage increase of over 20 per cent by 2025. The compensation for long-serving health-care aide’s will also increase by over 30 per cent.

The new agreement also specifies continued discussions between CUPE, Ten Ten Sinclair, and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority regarding the status of the facilities in the WRHA.

CUPE says it will work with Ten Ten Sinclair to facilitate a return-to-work schedule for aide workers.

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