Here’s how much rain fell in Winnipeg during Tuesday’s storm

A thunderstorm touched down in southern Manitoba on Tuesday, bringing heavy rain and strong winds throughout Winnipeg and southern Manitoba.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), the Interlake region saw the heaviest rainfall. The weather agency reports that Gypsumville got about 47 millimetres (mm) of rain, while Teulon got 40.1 mm.

In Winnipeg, the rainfall totals varied in different parts of the city.

The St. Boniface area received the most rain with 29.6 mm, with Elmwood getting 23.8 mm and the Winnipeg airport seeing 20 mm. Central and eastern areas of the city were hit with 15 mm to 30 mm, while the western edge and southeast areas of the city got between five and 15 mm.

ECCC notes that areas in southeastern Manitoba saw lower rainfall amounts as the storm tracked more into northwestern Ontario.

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