How many Winnipeggers had vehicles towed during snow route parking ban

The snow route parking ban season has come to an end in Winnipeg, and now the city is sharing how many tickets were handed out and how many vehicles were towed.

During the ban period, 7,372 people were given tickets – which were $100 each. Meantime, 5,046 vehicles were towed.

The ban took effect on Jan. 16 so city crews could clear snow on many residential streets.

Where indicated, people weren’t allowed to park in those areas between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. daily.

This year’s ticket and tow process previously raised questions from some Winnipeggers who pointed out their vehicles were towed even though there was no snow on their streets.

The city had told CTV News in February that whether there is snow or not, people had to adhere to the ban while it was in place, as crews could still be doing work like ice control, adding work was easier when streets were cleared of vehicles.

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