‘I’m not a sexual harasser’: Graydon breaks silence after being kicked out of caucus

Cliff Graydon says he’s guilty of telling inconsiderate jokes, not sexual harassment.

“I want to stress as strongly as I can I’m not a sexual harasser as some in the media has portrayed,” said Graydon

The Emerson MLA broke his silence for the first time since being kicked out of the PC caucus for making at least one inappropriate comment to a female legislative staff member.

“I admit I’m guilty of having a bad sense of humour and sincerely apologize to those who have been offended by my inconsiderate jokes,” says Graydon

Graydon says he grew up in a different era and now realizes people today are much more sensitive to inappropriate behavior.

“My jokes that I now regret were simply intended to be humourous and I can assure those offended that they were not intended to be demeaning or harmful,” he says.

The MLA also wanted to set the record straight about the incident in question.

“I’ve never asked anyone to sit on my lap, that’s a media term, the comment was you can sit on my knee or I can get you a chair,” says Graydon

Graydon says he is not happy about being booted from caucus but says he will sit as an independent until 2020 and not join or form another party.