‘Issues of racism’ being addressed by school officials after video shared in Winnipeg

The head of the Louis Riel School Division says all of the young people who appeared in a video with hateful language have now been identified.

Superintendent Christian Michalik said they are students at two high schools in the division.

The video was recorded at a weekend party at the end of December and includes swear words and slurs about black people.

It was then posted on social media for the world to see.

In an interview with CTV Winnipeg on Wednesday, Michalik said school administrators held a meeting with parents and students involved to address concerns before students returned to class on Monday.

“Our main concerns are addressing the issues of racism because of the video,” he said.

“Our concerns what appears to also involve the consumption of alcohol outside of school, our concerns around the use of social media.”

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Michalik said staff have been monitoring if students have been feeling anxious or threatened.

Anyone affected is being encouraged to bring forward any issues.

He said students involved have been at school, but not necessarily in class.

Michalik said students are acknowledging wrongdoing, and are on a path of restorative justice to reconcile with the community.

A sharing healing circle is being planned for students and people impacted by the video. 

He said community service work will be a part of how the students learn from what he described as very inappropriate behaviour.