‘It’s a concern that’s been percolating’: Property crimes rising in St. Norbert

As property crimes rise in the neighbourhood, a St. Norbert city councillor wants area residents to formally report crimes to help police.

During an open community forum at the St. Norbert Community Centre Wednesday evening, deputy mayor and Coun. Markus Chambers, along with the Winnipeg Police Service, offered residents tips about curbing the upward trend of property crimes in the area .

“There has been a disconnect to what gets reported on social media, to what actually has been reported to police,” Chambers said.

“I hope that tip resonates with folks.”

Police said formal reporting helps them with analyzing data and allows them to coordinate resources to focussed areas. They encourages residents to distribute information about crimes in the area to each other, but they want to know first.

“If citizens want to share information with each other, then that’s fantastic.” Insp. Bonnie Emerson said.

“But please take the extra tip to also formally report it, online or by phone to the police service. So we can have that information in our database and we can respond accordingly.”

Chambers said property crimes, such as vehicle and residential break-ins have been increasing the past two years and is impacting the neighbourhood’s safety and security.

“It’s a concern that’s been percolating throughout the summer,” Chambers said.

Winnipeg police offered tips such as use of LED lighting, motion detection and video surveillance as measures to deter criminal activity and ensure safety.

Chambers said resident groups can apply for funding to help increase safety through the city’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention program.