‘It’s all false’: People’s Party candidate Steven Fletcher denies allegation he took voter data

The Charleswood St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley Electoral District Association (EDA) is accusing People’s Party candidate Steven Fletcher of taking electronic voter data and using it in his campaign – and Fletcher maintains “it’s all false.” 

“That just demonstrates that they are desperate,” he said.

“They are looking to making up issues to draw attention away from their failing campaign.” 

A letter from the association’s lawyer to Fletcher, which has been circulating online, accuses him of misappropriating and using the EDA’s property without consent. The letter then asks Fletcher to return the following items:

  •  Lawn signs, wood, screws, wires and other promotional materials;
  • A portable speaker system with a microphone;
  • Scanners;
  • Canadian flags with stands;
  • All other materials bought using Conservative Party of Canada funds.

The letter goes on to allege that Fletcher downloaded unauthorized copies of the EDA database and voter identification records and is using it in his campaign. 

“This information is proprietary to the Conservative Party of Canada and you have no permission to use it or access it,” the letters said.

“This information was collected in accordance with privacy legislation and Elections Canada Regulations. Your use of it is a breach of it is a breach of same and the rights promised to the voters listed. You have 3 days to deal with this demand to our satisfaction.

Fletcher, who is running as a candidate in Charleswood-St.James-Assinoboia-Headingley, confirmed he received this letter on Monday. 

He said the electoral district association is saying this because it is “desperate and their campaign has collapsed.” 

“It’s just a desperate public policy ploy,” he said.

Fletcher said the fact the letter was leaked online shows its motive. He said it demonstrates that the association doesn’t have any legitimate concerns.

The Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley Electoral District Association has not responded to CTV’s request to comment on the allegations.

Fletcher worked as a Conservative MP for 11 years before losing his seat to the Liberals in 2015. He won a seat as a PC in Manitoba’s provincial election in 2016 but was kicked out of caucus a year later.

– With files from The Canadian Press.