Liberals promise new spending, Tories rally on Manitoba campaign trail

WINNIPEG – The Manitoba Liberal Party says it would boost government spending to help the economy, address climate change and protect health care if it wins Tuesday’s provincial election.

The party also revealed that it would keep hundreds of millions of dollars in carbon tax revenues for government programs instead of being fully refunded through income-tax rebates, as the current federal tax does.

Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont released his party’s full costed platform — two days before the election — which contains more than $1 billion a year in new spending on infrastructure, seniors’ home care and more.

The Liberals held four of the 57 legislature seats when the election was called, and Lamont says his party is the only one not offering tax cuts to the rich.

Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister is rallying his party’s troops in Winnipeg after touring northern and rural areas in recent days.

The New Democrats are continuing to focus on health care and criticizing the Tory government’s health care reforms, which include the downgrading of three hospital emergency departments in Winnipeg.